Girl Develop It Launches Orlando Chapter!


This month, Orlando joined the ranks of many other GDI sister cities across the US by launching it’s very own Girl Develop It chapter!

Girl Develop It is a national 501(c)3 nonprofit that provides affordable and judgment-free opportunities for adult women interested in learning web and software development through accessible in-person programs. Through welcoming, low-cost classes, GDI helps women of diverse backgrounds achieve their technology goals and build confidence in their careers and their everyday lives. GDI has chapters in 57 cities across the country, including Orlando, FL.

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Orlando’s tech community has been known for its overwhelming number of developer Meetups (I’m a member to 15, myself, and that only scratches the surface). In fact, we heard one LadyDevs member who have cited this as her main reason for moving to Orlando, the idea being that with this many developer focused Meetups, Orlando has got to be a good place to start a development career.

GDI Orlando Leadership

GDI Orlando leadership includes Founding Chapter Leaders Cassandra Wilcox (that’s me) & Casey Faist, and Co-Organizers Carlota Pearl and Morgan Gonzalez. Wilcox and Faist also lead Orlando LadyDevs, a Meetup that has been recognizing, connecting, and supporting women who make tech in Orlando since July 2016.

How to sign up for GDI Orlando classes

You can join Girl Develop It Orlando and find out about all of our upcoming events and classes on our GDI Orlando Meetup page. GDI Orlando looks forward to its first class event, Introduction to Web Concepts, on October 16thClick here to RSVP. This 2 hour workshop will be taught by yours truly (Cassandra Wilcox) and will cost $25 per attendee. I’ve been a web development professional for 10 years and I am super stoked to extend my knowledge and experience to GDI Orlando students.

Why do GDI classes cost money?

Girl Develop It believes that its chapters should be self-sustaining, which is why all GDI classes cost a small fee to attendees. Proceeds from chapters are used to compensate class Organizers and Instructors and allow for consistent chapter operations, including regularly offering scholarships.

Casey and I will be following an example set by our friends and Chapter Leaders of GDI Tampa Bay and will not be drawing Organizer and Instructor compensation from our Oct. 16 workshop. Instead we will be putting all proceeds directly back into our local GDI chapter. 😀

Are men allowed to attend Girl Develop It events?

Yes! The vision of Girl Develop It is to empower women in an industry where they are a minority and we love receiving support from our male allies. To further empower the women in attendance at Girl Develop It as well as the tech community, we ask that our male attendees bring a female friend with them to the event. It is important to note that GDI classes are for adults only (not to be confused with Girls Who Code).

Do I need to have prior coding experience?

Nope! All skill levels are welcome with peer mentorship being a key component to the chapter.

Whats the difference between GDI and LadyDevs?

GDI has chapters all across the contry, while LadyDevs exist only in Orlando. GDI provides low-cost web & software development classes lead by experienced instructors, while LadyDevs Meetups are always free with talks given on any tech-related subject by people of all experience levels.

We hope to see you at an upcoming GDI event!


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