Orlando Lady Developers Meetup #2 Notes

9/7/16 Meeting Notes

The second Orlando Lady Developers meetup was hosted by Christine Wong at Code School. Food and beverages were provided by our organizers this time. Cassie and Casey picked up a fruit tray, veggie tray, meat & cheese tray, as well as some cookies, candy, and soft drinks. Meetup member dues were sponsored by Code Hangar, Inc.

Meetup Slide Deck

Meetup Event Page

Talks were given by two amazing women who both work at Purple Rock Scissors, a digital creative agency in Orlando.

Renee Blunt, started off our scheduled talks with Logic over Language, meant to help beginning programmers, and those who don’t code but work with programmers, to help them think more like a programmer. She showed us how to break down the logical components of a problem and write solutions with pseudo code. Here are her slides a video of her talk.

Our next speaker, Brandy Bergh, Associate Engineer, shared with us How to build a React Native Game in 72 Says. She took us through the ups and downs of building IGIFU, a Cards Against Humanity type question and answer game where players communicate with gifs. Visit her website for more info.

Finally, we closed out the night with some amazing lightning talks, impromptu five minute show/tells from anyone who wants to share. Maria ‘the REAL’ McCoy shared with us the joy she has found in building Android apps, and encouraged everyone who is just getting started to stick with it. Elise Cronin-Hurley talked about her Exploding Bacon robotics club and urged any interested java programmers to participate as coding mentors for the young girls on her team. Our meetup organizer Casey Faist opened up about her new job shared some real talk on fears around asking questions and sharing code with new teammates. Mary Hoag was reminded of a Ted Talk on body language and told us how it has changed how she enters a room. Michael duPont, organizer of The Orlando Python User Group, invited us to their next meetup, Intro to Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn Library (ooohhh! :D).

The next Orlando Lady Developers Meetup is scheduled for Wednesday September 28th. We hope to see you there! If you would like to give a talk, sign up here!


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