Orlando LadyDevs First Annual Dev-cula Fest! Meetup (#4) Notes

Our fourth Orlando Lady Developers Meetup was hosted once again by our dear friend and QA Analyst Liz Miner at the amazing PowerDMS in the Church Street Exchange building in Downtown Orlando. Tacos from Gringos Locos was provided thanks to Amber Shinault from Thales, PowerDMS was kind enough to let us tap into their beer keg, and Meetup member dues and Halloween candy were sponsored by Code Hangar, Inc.

Meetup Slide Deck

Meetup Event Page

This was one of our most fun Meetups yet! Everyone’s Halloween costumes were on point and we had some amazing talks!

Kaytee Cannon kicked off the night with her story of how she transitioned into a development career. She was recently hired as an iOS developer at Echo Interactive. Congrats Kaytee! She also compiled this awesome Career Change Resources List to share with the group!


Next, recent Iron Yard grad Linsy Joyner demonstrated her final project, Roomie, which helps to manage and assign household chores. She took us on a tour of some of the code behind the app, built with React and Firebase, and spent some time explaining the difference between map and filter.


Our last speaker of the evening was Jenell Pizarro who took us through her journey to becoming a developer. Her presentation slides can be found here. Jenell recently graduated from Iron Yard and showed off her final project called Kiss n’ Makeup, an app for keeping makeup organization simple. She is looking for beta testers so feel free to sign up and report any bugs to her via Twitter!


More photos from this meetup can be found here.

The next Orlando Lady Developers Meetup is scheduled for Wednesday November 30th. This will be our last official Meetup of 2016 so we hope to see you there!


  • Theres a new Meetup in town called Open Code Orlando and its organized by LadyDevs member Jenell Pizarro and Susanna Miller from The Iron Yard.

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